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“I began working with Michele as my life transition coach last year. I had no job, I was feeling stymied and without a rudder and my level of personal power was at a low. I approached her somewhat skeptically — since I am wary of anyone really being able to “tell” me what I should do.

Michele’s work is about facilitating you identifying the answers that are already inside of you. We are blocked by inner conflicts that we often cannot even name, much less fix. The work she does happens on such a subtle, subconscious level that it is really attaching the problem at its source rather than providing external suggestions like “write a new resume” or “get out of this relationship”.

This work definitely requires the desire to “go deep” though you may be somewhat startled at what you find. Michele will guide you carefully and calmly through the experience and you will literally “awaken” with a broader vision of yourself and confidence that whatever was preventing you from taking the necessary steps in your life no longer has a “hold” on you.

If you are concerned that working at a distance on such personal themes in your life would be problematic, I can assure you that the use of Skype or even the phone by itself does not hamper or inhibit the process in any way. In some ways this is even a positive thing, because the distance means that there is no personality intruding on your life; rather a “presence” that is merely guiding you to your own solutions.

I strongly recommend Michele Harvey to any person open to doing deep subconscious work to remove obstacles to personal and professional success.”

published on by Miriam A. 

Rating:  ∗∗∗∗∗


“Michele helped me determine which of several areas of my life most needed to be coached, which turned out to be a specific family issue that I’d been stuck on for years. Using some very effective methods, she helped me sort out my ambivalent feelings about reconnecting with my sister, see what I really wanted, and align on a plan of action. I found her coaching to be empowering and recommend it to anyone!”

published on by Scott D.

Rating:  ∗∗∗∗∗


Michele is an inspirational guide who can direct you further on your path to self-recognition, and therefore success. She is knowledgeable and helps guide you to your own realizations and how to make changes for the better.

published on by Elisabeth K.

Rating: ∗∗∗∗∗ 


I had no idea that Michele was such a gifted writer, and as I learned more about her, I was anxious to begin coaching with her. Not only does she have a down to earth demeanor that made it easy for her to relate to the life areas I wanted to focus on, but she was also extremely generous with her time and brought a level of enthusiasm to our session. I’d always leave feeling excited about life!

by T.L Rogers

Rating: ∗∗∗∗∗ 


Book Reviews  – “From Confusion To Clarity: Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less”

From Confusion to Clarity is an invitation to return to our true nature. Michele Harvey’s words resonate with our deepest truth. If you are looking for the inspiration to live a life of clarity- where you can fully embrace your birthright of peace, joy and gratitude, this book is sure to serve many people on their journey inward!” Bryan Clark, Mindset Coach and Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie

“This is a wonderful book to have at your side knowing there is hope, that you are not alone and that there is another way to approach life that can bring you peace in all adversity.” Chantal Herman, contributing author of Pearls of Wisdom with Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff.
“To have an introduction by Neale Donald Walsch is an wonderful testimonial to the contents within. I found this book easy to follow, understand and a pleasure to read. I do think it will help many people who have been in the situations that Michele experienced. It’s great to not have to travel that road alone. I highly recommend this book to levels of spiritual seekers.” Madalyn Kennedy, author of The Divine Feminine Emergence Mortal to Immortal

“Michele Harvey’s book offers hope where hope often seems like empty air. I’ve so much to say about From Confusion to Clarity, this book is about a journey…just as the title says and I highly recommend it to anyone. The style is natural and inviting; the content sincere, all along filled with hope. The life journey of most incredible thinkers and writers is filled with serious life challenges…part of the path from confusion to clarity in life takes those heart-wrenching situations and works very hard on turning these trials into opportunity. Again, this book speaks to me on so many levels because hope is offered, hope is yearned for and hope is attained. Vicariously this gives the reader hope, the feeling that if “Michele” can do it, so can I. “ Nannette Kennedy, Humanity’s Team Communications Coordinator

“I just finished this book in a five hour span. Wow, does it pack a punch. The stories Michele openly reveals about her life leave her vulnerable on the page so that we identify with her so easily, we can also, so easily, apply the concepts she used to our lives. There are small breaths of poems in between her revealed life that give us inspiration. The list in chapter 13 can be used and applied on a daily basis. I could see myself copying it to my wall to remind me about “showing up” and applying peace on a daily basis. Blessings to Michele for opening her heart to the world.” Elisabeth Kinsey

“First let me share that I have been on a very personal and serious spiritual journey for a long time. Part of my growth has involved allowing what comes to me to be apart of my daily learning. This 77 page pages of clear and consise writing came to me through a connection of fb… I was not looking for anything new to read, but when I read the reviews, I just had to get it.

It is a very positive and exceptional book… Its easy to read, and I couldn’t put it down. This is , however, in my opinion a book that I will go back to again and again… Its full of wisdom, guidance and direction to anyone who wants to understand their own needs and solutions in their daily walk with whom or whatever you refer to your God, Higher Self, Universe or just plain Energy ~ I found it to be a delight to read and will definitely be a book that I share with friends of like mind… or those who are searching for “Clarity from Confusion”…

A Surprise and unexpected benefit to the reading was the Authors personal struggles with deep loss , and her unabashed honestly about her own journey. Her poetry intersperced with the lessons of personal growth added to the pleasure of curling up with your favorite cup of tea and book in hand to experience a wonderful reprieve from life’s daily struggles emerging with new found Hope and Inner Peace ! I highly recommend this book!” OMA
“This book helped me understand myself more and truly gain personal growth. It allowed me to really reach down to the core of my sadness and know that I am not alone and can work past the pain. It helped me reflect upon how I treat others and how that resembles who I am. I wake up now with a different attitude and see every choice I make in a different light. If you are looking for a book to inspire and grow from this is a great choice.

I would HIGHLY recommend this book to friends and family.” Sarah Froehle