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Biodanza: Poetry of Human Encounter

Biodanza (biodance) literally means the dance of life. It is a system of personal growth using music and movement to develop one’s instincts, self-awareness, communication, and confidence. Biodanza facilititates the deepening of one’s bond with others and with nature, allowing participants to express their feelings more fluidly.

I was first introduced to Biodanza in 2009 while living in Santiago, Chile. As I began participating in weekly classes, I noticed that I felt more grounded and emotionally open as a result.

Biodanza was created in the 1960s by Chilean psychologist and anthropologist, Rolando Toro who experimented with the effect of music and dance on psychiatric hospital patients. Toro introduced upbeat dances with happy rhythms that stimulated patient’s motor responses. The result was a remarkable increase in patient’s capacity to judge reality. Toro observed that their deliriums and hallucinations began to vanish.

In 1970 the Catholic University of Chile invited Rolando Toro to create the first Biodanza class, which at that time he called “Psychodance.” Biodanza sessions eventually found their way to healthy people in non-clinical settings.

Biodanza has been described as a series of exercises and movements that promote self-esteem, the joy of life, and the expression of emotions. People who participate regularly, say that biodanza enhances their creativity, vitality, and focus on the present moment. Within the dance, participants are invited to connect to their essence until all their senses and cells are awakened to the joy of being alive.

Biodanza uses a variety of international music to bring forth free self-expression, and is not choreographed. Dancing is done alone, in pairs, and in groups. No previous dance experience is required and there are no age requirements.

The Biodanza system is now taught in 54 countries around the world. Perhaps biodanza is available where you live. The magic of biodanza will open you to greater joy.  I invite you to come dance with life.

Each Day is a Fresh Start


On March 30, 2011, I suffered the loss of my beautiful first born son, David. I was living in a foreign country when he died somewhat unexpectedly, and when my world fell apart. For a few days, I was immobilized. It seemed that every truth I ever knew was gone. I was afraid to go outside because I didn’t want to see the school children walking by in their blue uniforms for fear that I would break down among them.

It was during this time that I received an email about an interactive online course being offered by my teacher, Neale Donald Walsch. It proved to be the course that changed the course of my life. I learned a meditation that enables me and others, to have a two-way dialogue with the Divine, to ask questions and have them answered.

Two years later, I admit that awakening is not a static condition. For me, personal growth is something I have to strive for on a daily basis because at times, I seem to easily forget the things I have learned.

What I have held onto from my Holy experience, is that things are always as they should be. Things are always perfect. There are no mistakes. What this really means is that by letting go of judgments and labels, by taking a square look at whatever is showing up and accepting it, we can decide who we are and how we respond, in a more conscious sense.

I have chosen to show up differently since 2011 because I believe that so much of what I thought I understood before that time, no longer feels right. For example, no longer do I believe in scarcity in terms of life expectancy, resources, or anything else.

When we don’t believe in scarcity, we can cherish the present moment, and we can be much more giving to our world, which naturally includes us.
We can become more conscious of how we respond to one another and how we use our resources, including money, which is just as much a reflection of our consciousness, as anything else.

The warm and assuring hug I felt around my heart from the Divine during that meditation, has left me with only inspiration. In fact I believe it may have saved my life.

By sharing pieces of my shifting experience with all of you, through poems and books, it helps me fulfill how I have chosen to show up. And so it is to you my friends, that I am eternally grateful.

That said, I am currently embarking on the audio book version of From Confusion to Clarity and have been blessed with a recorded introduction to the audio book, by gifted actor and singer, Mr. John Allan, who also hosted the radio show, Guess Who’s Coming to Breakfast, which aired in 60 countries. If you are hooked on audio books, I hope you will give From Confusion to Clarity a good listen.

I am writing a book of poems as well, which will consist of many of the poems currently on the facebook page, Poetry for Living an Inspired Life!/PoetMicheleHarvey and will include many other poems never before seen on social media.

What questions do you have about the material in From Confusion to Clarity? How has the book, particularly the activities at the end of the book, affected you? What opinions would you like to share? Speak to me! If you would prefer not to share your questions here, please email me at and I will respond to you within a few days. I invite you to visit the facebook page on which I share quotes from the book, at

Hugs until next time,