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Personal growth

The Real Reason Why I Wrote: From Confusion To Clarity, Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less (What’s In It for me?)


On March 27, I did a radio interview about my new book, From Confusion To Clarity: Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less, with radio host, Maggie Holbik of Crystal Clear Coaching. If you find books on personal growth and contemporary spirituality engaging, yet are still on the fence about whether to add my book to your collection, I invite you to listen to this radio show, which you might have missed, but which you can hear at your convenience by clicking on the link at the end of this page, so kindly read on, because what you won’t hear on the radio, is the meat of the matter in this month’s blog post:

During the show, I was gratefully, caught off-guard when Maggie asked, “What do you hope to achieve by writing this book? What sets your book apart from other books about personal growth? I say gratefully because these questions have since stayed with me long enough to shed new light on my own understanding of “what I hope to achieve” through sharing with you, the messages found in my book.

Among lots of other things, my book discusses a particular meditation taught by Conversations With God, author, Neale Donald Walsch, a modern-day spiritual messenger. It is not the only form of meditation I use effectively, nor is it the only one I recommend, but this meditation in particular does have a profound impact on me whenever I do it.

I learnt about Neale’s meditation (which gives one the opportunity to have a two-way dialogue with the Divine, hear the voice of the soul, God, or whatever name you choose to explain the glue that holds life together,) through attending one of his workshops in a large room filled with people. To the best of my knowledge, other than taking a course with Neale, either online or on-sight, or knowing someone who has, most people are not familiar with his meditation.

I bring this up because many of you, as well as your friends, and family members, have read at least one of the many books written by Neale Donald Walsch, yet how many of you, your friends, or family members, have gone to a spiritual retreat, and learned a meditation that profoundly changed your life?

I am just an ordinary person, not spiritual master, nor life coach, nor reverend, though these days I do behold more with reverence than ever before. Having experienced the different things my book discusses, I believe it can serve to bridge the gap, leading more of us ‘ordinary people,’ to delve more deeply into teachings and the life work of teachers like Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and many others, and to actually embody the tools they offer through their teachings, by making them a way of life.

Perhaps my book will urge you to look at their online calendar of events and make some plans, or to meditate regularly, or to make one of the 30 user-friendly activities in my book, a part of enriching your life. If not, I believe my book, From Confusion To Clarity: Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less, will encourage readers who are stuck and suffering, by providing them with easy but highly effective tools that allow one to change poison into medicine, and to lower the volume on their personal pain.

Below is the link to my radio interview. I do hope you’ll listen and feel free to share this blog and/or radio link with your friends and family members.

Radio Show (blogtalkradio) with Maggie Holbik (host) and Michele Harvey Author & Poet

For signed copies of From Confusion To Clarity: Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less, please visit the home page of this website.The book is also available on,, and and will soon be available on SMASHWORDS.

To read daily quotes From Confusion To Clarity, please visit facebook at and Pinterest at

I hope you’ll join me and comment on what you have found here.

Hugs till next time,


Each Day is a Fresh Start


On March 30, 2011, I suffered the loss of my beautiful first born son, David. I was living in a foreign country when he died somewhat unexpectedly, and when my world fell apart. For a few days, I was immobilized. It seemed that every truth I ever knew was gone. I was afraid to go outside because I didn’t want to see the school children walking by in their blue uniforms for fear that I would break down among them.

It was during this time that I received an email about an interactive online course being offered by my teacher, Neale Donald Walsch. It proved to be the course that changed the course of my life. I learned a meditation that enables me and others, to have a two-way dialogue with the Divine, to ask questions and have them answered.

Two years later, I admit that awakening is not a static condition. For me, personal growth is something I have to strive for on a daily basis because at times, I seem to easily forget the things I have learned.

What I have held onto from my Holy experience, is that things are always as they should be. Things are always perfect. There are no mistakes. What this really means is that by letting go of judgments and labels, by taking a square look at whatever is showing up and accepting it, we can decide who we are and how we respond, in a more conscious sense.

I have chosen to show up differently since 2011 because I believe that so much of what I thought I understood before that time, no longer feels right. For example, no longer do I believe in scarcity in terms of life expectancy, resources, or anything else.

When we don’t believe in scarcity, we can cherish the present moment, and we can be much more giving to our world, which naturally includes us.
We can become more conscious of how we respond to one another and how we use our resources, including money, which is just as much a reflection of our consciousness, as anything else.

The warm and assuring hug I felt around my heart from the Divine during that meditation, has left me with only inspiration. In fact I believe it may have saved my life.

By sharing pieces of my shifting experience with all of you, through poems and books, it helps me fulfill how I have chosen to show up. And so it is to you my friends, that I am eternally grateful.

That said, I am currently embarking on the audio book version of From Confusion to Clarity and have been blessed with a recorded introduction to the audio book, by gifted actor and singer, Mr. John Allan, who also hosted the radio show, Guess Who’s Coming to Breakfast, which aired in 60 countries. If you are hooked on audio books, I hope you will give From Confusion to Clarity a good listen.

I am writing a book of poems as well, which will consist of many of the poems currently on the facebook page, Poetry for Living an Inspired Life!/PoetMicheleHarvey and will include many other poems never before seen on social media.

What questions do you have about the material in From Confusion to Clarity? How has the book, particularly the activities at the end of the book, affected you? What opinions would you like to share? Speak to me! If you would prefer not to share your questions here, please email me at and I will respond to you within a few days. I invite you to visit the facebook page on which I share quotes from the book, at

Hugs until next time,

It Can Happen Through You

Art: Stephanie Clair

A few years ago, I gave what for me was a large sum of money to someone I cared for, in order to help him broaden his possibilities. Because my gift was given freely, I too have since received a great many unsought gifts of every kind from the universe, in the form of people, circumstances and events, that have seemingly just appeared in my life like angels in the nick of time. That said, the greatest gift of all has been my awareness of, and gratitude for these gifts. You see, in the past I may have taken the many souls behind these gifts for granted. This is not so today.

It has been brought to my attention that most of you don’t know me. I have a past, some of which I am not proud of, and some of which I am. Two years ago I lost two people I loved, and like losing two pillars of a house, my house crumbled, and my life fell apart. I didn’t think I would make it through, no less be sharing this with all of you but there are no accidents.

During my suffering, I received notice of an online course being offered by Neale Donald Walsch, which to me was like receiving life support. In the span of that seven week course, his teachings brought me home to my soul. I went from believing my life had no meaning, to physically knowing the presence of God and actually having a two-way dialogue with the Divine.

I am just an ordinary person, (if such a thing can be said of anyone), who seems to have experienced a shift in consciousness, with the magnitude of an earthquake, and in just as short a period of time. Even though in the past I have managed to hurt many people who loved and cared for me, I have still received these gifts! This is how I know without doubt, if it can happen through me, it can happen through anyone. This is also why I wrote the book, From Confusion to Clarity: Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less, which contains user-friendly, and engaging activities to help you shift, just as the title suggests.

In addition to revealing parts of my life, the book offers spiritual insights from Neale Donald Walsch and other leaders of the New Thought movement. My book is meant as no replacement, but rather to show that if I can begin to awaken to a world of oneness, if I can choose how I show up each day from this day forward, even with a past I cannot change, so can you. My book is meant to show you that, when applied on a daily basis, the precepts of my teacher, and many of the others discussed in the book, can enable you to find fuller meaning in your life. Regardless of your situation, you will be empowered and of greater service to others, and to yourself, by showing up more authentically, and more joyfully in our troubled world.



Personal Growth through Keeping Life Simple

In the winter of 2008, I decided to embrace simplicity by slimming down my material possessions. Like most adaptations I have made to my adult lifestyle, I did a rapid and complete 180, getting rid of my car, all my furniture, and most of my clothing, all in the span of two weeks. My book collection, however, which consists mainly of poetry books, books on spirituality, travel, biography, and the classics, filled up eight big boxes. The content of those eight boxes became a choir of voices in my head, echoing their refusal to accept, such sudden, lasting abandonment. So, how could I simply surrender them? A close friend of mine offered a rescue, by making room for my boxes of books on the floor of her basement. As a fellow bard, this also entitled her to coveted reading privileges.

By this time you might be questioning my motivation behind making such a drastic, and sudden change in my lifestyle, rather than doing what most experts suggest, which is to take baby steps, to feel your way. Why not venture from the trap of my comfort zone at a graceful, more elegant pace, with greater regard for what ifs around the bend such as, what if your job teaching English to professionals in Chile doesn’t work out? What if you are unhappy living abroad? What if you come back to Colorado sooner than the year you expect to be gone, and then have to buy all new furniture and a new vehicle, asked my mother?

I already knew that I wasn’t going to keep my furniture in storage for a year and shell out a hefty fee. It seemed to me I had much more furniture than I actually needed, in any case. The cash was also an incentive since I was going abroad. It would offer an extra cushion in case work was slow for the first few months, especially since I was arriving in March, the start of the school season in Santiago. Things in Chile, and South America in general, start at a gradual pace, as business professionals come back from the summer holiday and employers begin to enroll them in English classes. Being someone accustomed to often seeing things in black and white, it made little sense for me to stand at the shore, weighing the wind shifts, when I already planned to fly.

I had finally reached the point in my life where I had enough self-confidence and faith in life itself to know that regardless of future events, I would be fine with how it all turns out. How much time do you spend on the fence when it comes to making changes in your life? It is good to make a list of new goals, especially at the start of a new year. You can make your life a lot simpler and begin working toward your goals sooner, when you decide not to over-analyze things. Think through your options, and hit select, knowing that if you are centered within yourself, and in touch with your inner voice, regardless of how things turn out, they always turn out for the best. Surrender society’s ways of judging events and learn to listen to your soul.

Inner Light

“Though sometimes we don’t recall, our inner-light has always led us home.”
Michele Harvey

How To Reduce Stress During The Holidays by Michele Harvey

There are any number of things which can stress us out during the holidays, from money worries, to relationship issues, to time constraints. Seasonal social gatherings, which are supposed to be enjoyable, can turn out to be a minefield for sufferers of stress, particularly when these come in the form of an office party or family gathering which many people look forward to with dread rather than delight. Read on and you will learn how to reduce stress ahead of the holidays. This way, you can sail serenely into the holidays armed with specific stress management tactics that you know will work.

The key is to make a plan. Deliberately determine how you choose to spend both your time and your money this year instead of merely repeating what you have done in the past. Recognize that you have undergone tremendous personal growth during the past year, and your priorities and perspective may have changed considerably. Therefore, you want to focus on those areas that you deem to be vital to your own fulfillment and will bring the most joy to your loved ones. Once you gain this clarity about your own priorities it will be easy to eliminate a number of things from your typical list of preparations.

When it comes to stress caused by money worries, the best thing to do is set a Christmas budget and stick to it. Once you have your budget in place, allocate funds within it for separate Christmas necessities such as food and presents. All too often we are tempted to overspend when we hit the shops. Going armed with a detailed list and sticking to it is an excellent way to avoid this temptation, and the confusion created by the multitude of options and deals offered in stores.

Sticking within budget on food will also help reduce stress in the weeks ahead when the post-holiday bills start coming in. Spending wisely before the holidays ensures you won’t have to deal with the anxiety of paying bills you cannot afford. Similarly, when it comes to present buying, set a limit for each gift or go the homemade route. There is nothing more delightful than receiving a thoughtful gift, made with love and care. In this difficult economic period, many of us have learned to appreciate far more the value of someone’s time and effort. Reducing your financial stress over the holidays will help you stay calm and centered.

Having reduced your monetary stress at Christmas, you will be in a better position to tackle any potential relational stress over the holiday season. To do so effectively, it is important that you set boundaries and reduce your expectations. Do not allow old hurts or issues to arise, and refuse to be drawn into arguments old or new. Simply let aggravating or provocative behavior pass you by, rather than letting it upset or stress you. Above all, do not expect anyone to behave perfectly – not even you! It is unrealistic to especially during the holidays when families spend far more time together and the pace of life is more hectic than usual.

Follow these tips on how to reduce stress at holiday time and you find yourself able to enjoy the festive season with a far more relaxed attitude. This, in turn, will keep stress symptoms in check, and stop you from falling victim to a stress spiral where your stressed reactions give rise to yet more symptoms and so on. Keep your sense of humor intact and your attitude flexible, and you will not go wrong. Remember that it is up to you to show others how to treat you. Respect yourself and your own limits over the holidays, and you will find that you are more refreshed going into the New Year.

For ways to improve your personal growth in 2016, you will benefit from my new book, From Confusion to Clarity-Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less, which is a great addition to your reading list for the New Year.

Using Long-term Stress to Motivate Personal Growth – by Michele Harvey

Stress affects us all in one way or another. The important thing to understand is that not all stress is bad stress. The sort of stress that is good for us is the kind that occurs when we are facing imminent danger. In this case, the age old fight or flight response kicks in. Just as when cavemen used to run away from marauding dinosaurs, so the fight or flight response releases a surge of adrenaline into our system. This results in our heart beating faster, our muscles tensing, and our breath coming in short, rapid bursts. All of this is designed to help us escape as fast as possible or to fight the danger facing us.

It is when stress becomes chronic and long-term that it can become detrimental to our health. Some signs of chronic, long-term stress include:

• Increased irritability or irritation experienced on a daily basis
• Feelings of anger or frustration
• Insomnia or loss of appetite
• Loss of libido
• Feeling as if you are unable to cope

Long-term stress can result in a number of health issues including cardiac problems, migraines, skin complaints such as psoriasis and eczema, digestive problems, sleeping problems and more serious diseases including cancer. We do not yet understand why long-term stress affects us this way both physically and emotionally. What we can do is address the causes of stress so that we reduce or eliminate them from our lives.

There are also a number of small lifestyle changes that we can easily make that will have an immediate impact on our levels of stress. By simply including a daily half-hour walk, it has been shown that we can boost our overall emotional and physical health. The opportunity to get away from daily irritations and problems and simply enjoy and experience the benefits of nature is, in itself, enormously beneficial. In addition, the cardiovascular benefits of daily exercise undertaken at a reasonable pace help to counteract the detrimental effects of raised blood pressure, increased heart rate and muscular tension that so often accompany long-term stress.

It is vital to understand that, unless long-term stress is identified and eliminated, its negative effects will build up over time. This, in turn, leads to a cumulative negative effect on our health and well-being. Stress is not some 21st-century badge of honor. It is a real disease and should be treated as such. If you are suffering from long-term stress it is time to take an objective look at your lifestyle to work out what needs to change.

Author Michele Harvey in her book, From Confusion to Clarity- Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less, offers you a way to reduce long-term stress and reconnect with your true nature. The steps offered within, support the reader toward becoming a larger and happier version of themselves quickly. Forming new habits, like reconnecting to your buried talents, can uplift your life in less than 30 days. There are real solutions to long-term stress that work, and anyone can do them.

Release Inner Resistance for Your Personal Growth – by Michele Harvey

“Most people don’t consciously choose how they are showing up.” – From Confusion to Clarity by Michele Harvey

When you release your inner resistance to anything, that anything means nothing anymore. For example, if you are in a hot yoga class and the heat is intense, without any resistance to it, after a while, the heat actually can become quite pleasant.

“The willow which bends to the tempest, often escapes better than the oak which resists it; and so in great calamities, it sometimes happens that light and frivolous spirits recover their elasticity and presence of mind sooner than those of a loftier character.” – Albert Schweitzer

Vital Personal GrowthSleeping in a small house doesn’t feel that much different from sleeping in a huge mansion. Sitting alone at a café waiting for a date that never shows up feels no different from sitting at a café alone because you want to be alone. Someone shouting at you is no different from someone whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Keeping yourself in a place of grief is no different than understanding there is a cycle to everything and this is just part of the all. It might hurt, your ego might take a blow, and something might hurt your pride, but who you are, your essential core being, remains unaffected.
You can switch you mind off and still allow yourself to feel everything. Even if you are in the midst of a bad situation – someone is shouting at you, you just found out you went bankrupt – you can simply feel. Feel the sensation of your shirt on your skin. Feel the wind on your skin. Feel everything – use all your senses. But don’t attach any meaning – good or bad – to them.

By focusing your mind on feeling, it can no longer think. Contrary to what we might believe, the mind cannot do more than one thing at a time. So learn to release your inner resistance that disrupts your peace and inhibits personal growth. Don’t fight it because resistance is what causes your discomfort.

Clarity and Personal Growth – by Michele Harvey

Life is full of change. Sometimes self transformation comes from an inward desire for personal growth, but many times it comes from a drastic life event. It is imperative to create a space for clarity from confusion. You can’t make great choices from a confused, emotional state.
However you are experiencing changes, we would like to offer this easy to follow advice so you can begin your journey to a new and happier you!

Here are some tips:

1. Love yourself enough to focus on yourself for at least 20 minutes a day.

2. Know that your beliefs may be challenged, and don’t be overwhelmed by the process of discovering your ideas to change.

3. Get support from a friend or loved one.

4. Select a process of change from the variety of Self help books.

5. Consciously focus on the present moment as often as you can. Everything that you need to know is available in the present moment.

6. Schedule time to do your practice at a consistent time of day if possible. If your practice helps you reduce anxiety, you may repeat it throughout the day for clarity.

7. Give yourself at least 30 days for your life to change for the better. You may see results right away, but new habits take at least 21 days to take hold.

Looking to evolve your life to a more authentic view point that leads you to a more fulfilling future is an admirable goal. With a daily practice from a self help author, you can implement a plan for change in as little as 30 days. If you focus on the goal of personal growth, a new, more joyous life will quickly be yours.

To learn more about how you can have more clarity in your life, please watch the video below.

Personal Growth to Feel Positive Each Day – by Michele Harvey

There has always been a strong focus on personal growth and development. The biggest shift in contemporary thought deals with how your personal growth and development affects not only you and those around you, but how it can also extend to others on the other side of the world.  Your feelings and thoughts influence what you do, how you respond every day, and how others respond to you.

“You may feel as though you are small.  You may feel that only one person can’t do much to change things, but feeling are things that we choose.  We can say and be the truth that matters to us.  I have learned that you don’t let go of your thoughts. Your thoughts let go of you.” – From Confusion to Clarity by Michele Harvey.

Perhaps events that are outside your control cause you to lose your cool or perhaps your mood is affected by your own negative thoughts and you find it difficult to maintain a positive frame of mind.  Here are a few easy ways in which you can prevent negativity from affecting your mood so you feel better and can maintain a positive outlook:

  • Make and Refer to a Collection of Inspiring Quotations or Poems – Every time you come across some inspiring words, write them down in a notebook and read through them regularly, especially when you feel discouraged. They will help you to maintain a positive attitude and to carry on in difficult circumstances.
  • Listen to Some Inspiring Music – Soothing or upbeat, happy music can elevate your mood very quickly.  Give yourself a chance to listen to something different, something that makes you want to move your body and you will soon begin to feel much better.

For more ways to shift your life into a better place, we suggest you follow the advice of Michele Harvey. In her new book, From Confusion to Clarity, Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less, she offers a set of simple yet highly effective practices that can shift your way of showing up in the world. To find out more about this exciting new book, go to