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#John Lennon

Why Are We Always In Such A Rush?

“As soon as you’re born, they make you feel small, by giving you no time instead of it all.”

John Lennon

While in line at the local post office recently, I struck up a friendly conversation with the person in front of me. When I mentioned I was new in town, Jim informed me there used to be a larger post office in another part of town, which had since closed its doors.

With five folks on line in front of him, this offered us a chance to talk about where Jim lived prior to coming to Steamboat Springs, as well as what Steamboat Springs is like during the winter ski season. After about five minutes, Jim remarked that he misses the other post office because he never had to wait in line, to which I responded, “Think of all the nice people you get to talk with, while waiting in line.” Jim chuckled, as he stepped up to the counter.

Why are we always in such a rush?

longer than winter
the line…
at the bank

Copyright © 2004 and beyond by Michele Harvey – all rights reserved

Do we believe we will not live long enough to accomplish all our priorities? Are we afraid of wasting our time, when we would rather be doing something else? Is it because we are an impatient lot who can’t defer gratification? Is it all of the above?

The other day, a cashier whisked me aside so she could ring up the one customer waiting behind me. I was putting away the coins she had just given me.

If we value our time so greatly, why not make all moments valuable? We have become somewhat cold and socially awkward, in my opinion. Leo Buscalia, also known as “Dr. Love,” wrote about how we stand in crowded elevators, staring at the door, missing opportunities for numerous encounters with others all around us. How often do you see a group of friends sitting in a booth at the diner, interacting with their cell phones, instead of with each other?

At times we may truly be in a rush,
like when someone we love is visiting for a short time, or when we are keeping others waiting, and of course during a true emergency. Nonetheless, when even the express lane seems slow, it may be prime time to simply slow down, inhale the frenzy, and exhale the peacefulness from our heart to the world. Let’s embrace ourselves, one another, and what exists all around us in each present moment of what we refer to as time.

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Michele Harvey Author