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country western

It’s Hard to Place a Hat on a Headless Cowboy

Myphoto.jpgThere’s so much I’d like to say to you. I started an exciting new job this week, working for an authentic western clothing store that has been in this here Colorado town since 1905. The store has been run by its founding family for five generations which makes it iconic. Locals, tourists, folks from everywhere visit our store. We sell high end western style clothing, and accessories like hippo leather boots, bear skin soap, cowboy hats, Wrangler and Levi jeans, leather jackets, belts and more, along with lots of shiny bling.

On Saturday, former vice president Dick Cheney came in and was gifted a pair of fine leather boots.

I met a man who comes from the family of some well-known
cowboy poets, and have been hearing lots of country western and blue grass music in the store..

One day, this one line lyric just came through my hand:

“It’s hard to place a hat on a headless cowboy.” © 2013

It’s just something I picked up on this week, as one of our sales girls tried to place a fallen cowboy hat on a headless mannequin. When I think about it, it’s a metaphor for a lesson I’ve learned before, admittedly, again and again, which is… we can’t change other people, or mold them to fulfill our expectations, unless they are willing, in which case they change themselves, consciously or otherwise.

I believe we can encourage positive changes in our world, but ultimately, it boils down to changing ourselves. When we change, people around us may also change, but more importantly, our experience of those people will change, even if they themselves don’t seem to. When our experience changes, we can learn to accept things as we perceive them.

When we can do this, we can then decide how we choose to show up and what we can do to be supportive from where we are, in response to our new perspective.

Poetry? There will be more poetry to come. I can feel it at times when I’m tangled in clothes hangers, caught in the groove, still doing the best I can…

Until next time, POETRY FOR LIVING AN INSPIRED LIFE: POEMS AS SPIRITUAL MEDITATION, my newest book, available at is a book I believe you and your friends will truly enjoy. (Also available on Amazon) and if you haven’t yet read, From Confusion To Clarity, my last book, it is available on the home page of this site at