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Personal Growth and Adapting to our Changing World

Do you often feel like the pace or scope of change in your life is overwhelming? Are you struggling to cope with the seemingly ceaseless stream of urgent input that seems to force you into almost non-stop activity? In the face of this accelerated time, what is the best way to avoid confusion and gain more clarity? Klara Acel

One of the most effective ways to handle accelerated time is to actually step out of it. Don’t try to constantly do more and fill up every minute of your day trying to keep up. Instead take more time during the day to stop all outward activity and focus inward. It is ideal to spend at least 20 minutes in quiet contemplation or meditation every morning before your day starts. Many people find that this gives them the clarity to remain centered throughout the day.  Blog post image

An alternative is to break up your day with short moments where you shut off your brain and disconnect from your to-do list and simply be with yourself for 2 to 5 minutes. Deep breathing will initiate the process and enable you to relax and reflect.

It is amazing how quickly you can gain clarity and connection with your essence. When you resume your activity you are likely to find that you are much more focused and productive. It is quite possible that you will resume with more passion and joy because you have connected the activity with your higher purpose in life. Try this method for the next three weeks and see what it does for your sense of clarity during these busy and often confusing times in which we live.


29 Responses to Personal Growth and Adapting to our Changing World

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  • revelbos says:

    Thanks for sharing this helpful advice Michele. Even during days where I’m not overwhelmed, taking a brief break is essential for me to stay sharp. That’s why I make sure to take a walk outside to avoid getting bogged down by the little things.

    • Yes, taking a walk or breaking up my computer or reading tasks to run an errand, just for the change of pace and body position, I find, is helpful and re-kindles my creative juices. Thank you for your comment, Tatia.

  • This is great advice. Taking a few minutes to tap out brings greater energy rewards in the long run. I used to make myself sit in my office chair most of the day and power through, but when I started taking conscious breaks, my productivity improved.

    • I’m sometimes tempted to keep postponing my breaks but once I take them, I’m always grateful that I did. My productivity improves and so does my sense of well-being and balance. Thank you for your comment, Jeri.

  • Michelle — I don’t know that I would have the patience to take 20 minutes first thing in the morning. I’m guilty: sometimes I’m at the computer so long that when I get up my legs are wobbly. I need to take those short breaks you recommend and plan to do so. Thanks for the nudge.

    • I’m glad you are going to start taking breaks to at least get up and stretch periodically. It’s much better for your health as well as your focus! Thank you for your comment, Jeannette!

  • Erica says:

    Very good advice! I think most of us could use little reminders in the day to just be in the moment. It is too easy to always be striving for the next moment. Breathing can do wonders for helping us center and just return to being.

    • Agreed, Erica. Deep, slow, and conscious breathing can do wonders for helping us center and return to being as can stretching, going for a short walk, taking 5 minutes to dance around the room, etc. Thank you for your comment.

  • heraldmarty says:

    Good advice Michele. I tend to get lost when I’m writing and would probably keel over asleep right here at my desk if it weren’t for my dog. Bless her heart she makes sure we get outside several times a day and that includes a nice long walk in the morning and in the evening. And you are so right about what a positive difference those breaks make! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • My dog has the same effect on my Marquita, and I too, have fallen asleep over my keyboard on more than one occasion. Thank you for your comment!

    • And another reason for me to get a dog, Marquita! Michele, you’re spot on with this–it’s so important to take a break, step back (or out) and refresh your brain a little bit. I try very hard to count my blessings if I feel that I’m getting overwhelmed by a project or whatever during the day. That little bit of gratitude takes me a long way.

      • So true, Rose! Gratitude changes all perception and I too, try to remember to count my blessings as well as to take more frequent breaks to refresh my perspective. Thank you for your comment.

  • Ken Dowell says:

    I think one of the most important things is to unplug. What I find most overwhelming is the amount of information that is pushed to us and the ever more pervasive ways that it is available. I suppose this will only get worse as more and more things in our environment becopme connected.

    • Agreed, Ken! Information is pushed at us from all sides which make self-discipline more important than ever with regard to unplugging and just walking away from it, periodically, throughout the day, and on a regular basis. Like you say, this will only increase as we become more connected. Thanks for your comment.

  • patweber says:

    This all resonates with me Michele. For the last 3 years I have started ever morning with – prayer, bible reading (with a lovely cup of tea these days) and then meditation. Then throughout the day, I take work breaks every 25 or 30 minutes. I think for this more introverted soul, it works perfectly. I appreciate your reminder here: deep breathing for just a few minutes of a break.

    • Deep breathing helps to keep us focused in the present moment and it helps to calm me down. Thanks for your comment, Patricia! I like the idea of taking a work break every 25-30 minutes. I may start doing that, myself!

  • Great post, Michele. It is so true that we often get caught up in a vortex of activity that we can run ourselves ragged. I have the good fortune of working at home, so I find that when my head starts to spin from the online world, I take a few minutes away to play with my cat, make a pot of tea, or just look out the window at the wonders of the world.

    • I also work from home, Doreen, and like you, I sit near the window and I take breaks to play with my dog. I also begin my day with at least 20 minutes of meditation but still sometimes I find that I need to push myself away from my ‘to do’ list and take breaks to go out for a walk or just relax. A 15 minute power nap in the afternoon sometimes also works wonders. Thank you for your comment.

  • Michele, I start the day sitting in front of fire with a coffee and usually take about an hour to just soak in the surrounding peace and quiet. If for some reason I can’t do this my whole day is in a muddle. So yes, we need to take the time to step away, breathe and relax. Great advice.

    • I am someone who also thrives on early morning silence. I also take time in the morning to drink coffee and soak up the surrounding peace and quiet. I completely resonate with your experience of not feeling well centered without that quiet time in the morning. Thanks for your comment.

  • Personally I like how our world is changing, and I am able to adapt and enjoy it. I have meditated and exercised for decades so that’s always taken care of. Yoga is something I practice on a daily basis including pramayama.

    • Like it or not, life is always changing and we have to adapt in order to live functional, sustainable lives. You have obviously found consistent practices that you use and that work for you, which is wonderful. Thanks for your comment, Catarina.

  • Great suggestion, I like to move away from my desk and close my eyes and breath. It helps me focus and get calm.

    • Yes, Sabrina. Even going outside for a breath of fresh air or doing some slow stretches can be extremely beneficial for re-focusing and refreshing ourselves. Thanks for your comment.

  • Donna Janke says:

    I so agree that taking a few minutes away for quiet and/or meditation increases creativity and productivity. It is also calming and can help provide better clarity into what are true priorities instead of constant busyness trying to get everything done.

    • Yes, Donna. The trick is to actually stop long enough to take the time out needed to re-group. That is a discipline in and of it self and certainly a healthy one. Thank you for your comment.

      • Phoenicia says:

        I start my day by praying and reading a few chapters of the bible. I give myself time to plan the day. During the day I am pretty much busy but relax and use social media when commuting. In the evenings I wind down once I have put the children to bed and the kitchen is tidy/lunch packed/clothes laid out for next day.

        • It’s great to also have that wind down time in the evenings, to end the day calm and centered, ready for restful sleep to then begin a new day. Thanks for your comment, Phoenicia.

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