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Creating a World of Peace for Everyone

Recent news of the United States Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage, as well as calls to remove Confederate flags in South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky, has moved me to share with you, a group called The Evolution Revolution, in which I am one of many like-minded individuals around the globe who is honored to play an active role.

The Evolution Revoultion is part of Humanity’s Team. Humanity’s Team, a top-rated global nonprofit, was founded by Neale Donald Walsch, a modern-day spiritual messenger and the author of Conversations With God, as well as 30 other books.

In his book, The Storm Before The Calm, Neale raises seven simple questions, the first of which is, “How is it possible for nearly 7 billion people to all say they want the same thing – peace, prosperity, health, happiness, safety- and still be unable to produce it after thousands and thousands of years? The intention of these questions is to begin a Global Conversation. GlobalMeal1

Members of the Evolution Revolution are joining this gentle revolution because we believe, as Neale has said, “The problem in the world today is a spiritual problem, and we are trying to solve the problem at every level except the level at which the problem exists.”

We believe at their core, the problems in the world are not political problems. They are not economic problems. They are not military problems. The problems facing the world are the result of our beliefs, and as Neale states, “The solution is to change our most basic beliefs, the most damaging of which have to do with humanity’s belief in separation and limitation.” mandala-with-everyone-300x225

This is NOT about starting a new religion. Rather, members of The Evolution Revolution come from many persuasions and we believe there is peaceful common ground, where all religions and non-believers can come together for the benefit of all humankind. The underlying message of The Evolution Revolution is that, “We Are All One.” We all have the same basic wants. We all want safe food, good health, safe communities, a sustainable world, security, etc.

We seek not to convince others with different points of view to embrace our mission. We understand that, “Ours is not the only way. Ours is just another way,” as Neale offers.  Rather, we seek to encourage other like-minded individuals to join with us. Perhaps after taking a deep look at the mission and scope of the Evolution Revolution, you will feel that this includes you.

32 Responses to Creating a World of Peace for Everyone

  • Richard Lee Taylor says:

    I am almost finished composing “The Blueprint for the Evolution of Humanity – Life’s true spiritual secrets revealed”. God sent an Angel that healed me from a stroke I had suffered and I believe this book is the reason why. We are all one, and we must work together to heal the problems we have created. I would love it if you contacted me.

  • Andy says:

    As Susan intimates below, there are people in the world whose point of view is not just “different” than “We Are All One” but is diametrically opposed thereto, more specifically, they have a zero-sum view of humanity, they hold that might makes right, they seek to prey on others, and they are ready and willing to use violence to get what they want. What is your plan, if any, for dealing with these people?

    • Personally, I don’t have a plan to deal with anyone other than myself, Andy. Everything starts from within and the only person I can change is myself. I can re-assign the meaning I give to people, situations, and events, by questioning my beliefs but as I said in my post, we are not seeking others who are not like minded. Your question is a good one, the likes of which is discussed in the Neale Donald Walsch’s most recent book, God’s Message to the World: You’ve Got Me All Wrong. When we reach critical mass and have many folks around the globe engaged in global conversation around the thoughts in some of these books, things will shift noticeably with regard to every sphere of human consciousness and thus human life. Nobody does anything inappropriate given their model of the world.

  • Beth Niebuhr says:

    The Evolution Revolution sounds like a wonderful group. It makes me crazy that we can’t all get along. Debate is fine. Fighting isn’t. Period!!!

  • What a great article. I would disagree with one point, about the problems of the world is political not economical. We live in a world market, based on capitalism. Capitalism foundation is conflict, a short of economic survival of the fittest. The strong will devour the week, so when whole counties start competing for the same markets, conflict will result.
    Most wars are somewhat based on economics. The call of the patriots in the US revolution was, “NO Taxation without representation.”
    I do like the concept of the group you speak of, and I hope that my view of the world is wrong.

    • Thanks for your comment William. We don’t believe the world’s problems are either political, or economic because underneath our political and economic issues, including the greed that others have mentioned in their comments, is a world of people like you and me who create laws, and allow situations to occur based on our beliefs and our beliefs are based on what we’ve been taught such childhood, by our religions, our parents, and others. I recommend the books, “The Storm Before The Calm,” and “God’s Message To The World: You’ve Got Me All Wrong,” by Neale Donald Walsch. You will like these books, William, because they illustrate and discuss the points discussed here, using endless examples with which you will be able to relate.

  • Kirsten says:

    Reading Michele Harvey’s article in her blog. It reminds me of the fact that she is one of our quiet fighters and is clearly a mover and shaker in the evolution revolution with Neale Donald Walsch. I should know I read her inspiring poerty and her confusion to clarity Facebook page religiously daily. Her words of wisdom inspire us all and make us want to fight quietly for our cause. Thank you Michele Harvey! Kirstone Palmerism.

  • Everyone says they want peace on earth. And yes, we have the same basic wants. It is just some people want it, or are willing to take it at the expense of others. Greed will never end, unfortunately.

  • patweber says:

    Who was it – Marianne Williamson? who said, “There is only fear and love.” Meaning anything that is negative, hateful is fear and anything positive, joyful is love.

    Would be wonderful for the world to come together with love during my lifetime. Personally, I believe God is in control and it will happen on His timeline.

  • Lara Assaad says:

    Excellent article Michele, thank you and I truly believe that the problems in our world can ONLY be solved by changing our most basic beliefs…We are All One , when everyone realizes this Truth , Heaven will be on Earth, as above so below… I am honored and blessed to be part of Humanity’s Team and Evolution Revolution .. <3

  • Any organization that works to bring people together for the sake of humanity deserves kudos, but people seem to instinctively function on an “us vs. them” mentality. It’s a paradigm shift so huge in scope that it’s hard to picture how to ever make it happen, but so worth the effort.

  • Tim says:

    A world utopia would be a great thing and it is clearly possible if, and this is a huge if, we all shared common beliefs that were not shaded by external issues that complicate even the uncomplicated. It is good that there are groups out there who want to benefit society so I applaud all who participate in this and many other efforts that are akin.

  • Sabrina Q. says:

    Interesting post. I am all for peace in the world, but it can be overwhelming to think of ways to do it on a grand scale. I believe that we, as individuals, can deal with and take responsibility of ourselves and ultimately when we do that, we will be able to help others. Only when we go through our own process will we be able to have compassion for others and their process. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for your comment Sabrina. I believe that taking responsibility for ourselves in a grander sense, includes taking collective responsibility for our planet and all of life. Of course, this begins within the consciousness of each individual.

      • mukul Nandi says:

        Michele I always feel very very happy being a member of the Humanity’s Team. I always feel very very proud of Humanity’s Team for what they are doing. Yes Michele, I have read the recent news of the United States supreme court legalization of same sex marriage. I think this is very good news and this brings great hope. I am certainly for world peace and I always wish there should exist great peace, happiness and prosperity across the globe.

  • heraldmarty says:

    Very interesting and of course I am all for world peace and while I am an optimist, I’m a realistic optimist. The bottom line is there will always be those who give selflessly to help others, just as there will always be people who eagerly make a buck off of human misery in the name of a movement, religion or whatever flag they happen to be waving at the moment. I am an avid volunteer, but I prefer to focus on grassroots movements where someone can actually make a difference. Thought provoking article – thanks!

    • You have to know more about Humanity’s Team to understand that we are deeply involved in volunteering at a local grassroots level throughout the world. During the recent Ebola outbreak, Humanity’s Team sent an entire ship filled with bleach to Sierra Leone and that’s example. Thanks for your comment Marquita.

  • Erica says:

    I believe that anything that brings more peace into the world is a good thing. However, I do feel saddened lately that it seems that there is a basic need by many to blame their problems on another. Prejudice is often fear. I saw a comment on social media today from a Christian, grappling to accept gay marriage. He said he originally was speaking loudly against gay because he was scared the rapture was near and this would hasten its arrival. The man who shot the African-Americans in the church said he did it because “blacks are raping our women”. Illogical, but reports say that his life was in a rut and he was looking for someone to blame. I think that many people cling to fear which makes them cling to hate. Luckily, I live in a community that is very open minded and loving for the most part and I am thankful for that.

    However, the man I quoted who was grappling to accept gay marriage eventually did. Someone spoke in a way that got through to him, and while he still did not approve, he did accept.

    • I believe that prejudice is always fear. This is one reason why it’s important to learn about other cultures and their customs and beliefs, especially in today’s world where we are connected with everyone in a palpable way. We are all in this together and everyone has the same basic needs. When we realize we are all one, it doesn’t necessarily mean we all like one another, but we can help one another with the understanding that what we do for another, we do for ourselves. Thank you for your comment, Erica. I believe you might find the Evolution Revolution resonates with you. I hope you will take a strong look at the website.

  • Ken Dowell says:

    The mission of Evolution Revolution is an endearing one and I applaud your approach. Perhaps my only reservation about what you have written is to deny the economics of the world’s problems. If you look at prosperity, health and happiness on a global basis it is hard o find a solution that does not address the vast disparity in wealth and resources that exist around the world.

    • Jon R says:

      The issue is we’re trying to solve our economic problems with economic solutions and we cannot solve a problem with the same energy that created it. Throwing money at a problem (or withholding money in the form of sanctions) doesn’t work. It has never worked. If we were to adopt a new spirituality, one in which we see all others as our family, our economic problems would disappear over night. Blessed be.

      • “We cannot solve a problem with the same energy that created it.” Indeed, Jon! it’s time for something new! A new spiritual approach! Thank you for your comment.

  • Absolutely, I would very much want a world of peace for everyone. But criminal falsification of religion is at the heart of the main problem the world is facing today – ISIS. They focus mainly on lonely people all over the world and pursuade them that armageddon is happening but if they join ISIS and slaughter people they will go to paradise. And it’s working. Have you guys in the group tried to set up groups to prevent for instance young unhappy Muslim American men from joining by explaining that what ISIS claims is not based on the Koran or the

    • Thank you, Catarina! Your comment is very much appreciated. Neale Donald Walsch has a blog called The Global Converation where he discusses everything related to the type of question you asked above. In fact, I would urge you to post a question of this nature either directly on his blog or as a comment on his facebook page where his blog is also posted. He has a very large following and chances are, your question will be seen by a great many more people.

      • Yes, Ken! I agree with you that economics have an enormous impact on the world’s problems. We believe that economic problems exist because people believe they are separate from one another. Every man for himself and the free enterprise system is caused by the spiritual confusion that exists in the mind’s of many people. Neale discusses economics at great length in his books, The Storm Before The Calm and his most recent book, God’s Message To The World: You’ve Got Me All Wrong. Thank you for your comment.

  • Donna Janke says:

    I think we would see a dramatic shift if we truly looked at the issues as spiritual problems. It is good to see people come together for the benefit of all mankind. Gives me hope.

    • Thank you for your comment, Donna. When you have some time, I hope you choose to take a close look at the Evolution Revolution website to see whether this group resonates with you. Everyone is welcome to join by registering on the site.

  • Beautifully written, Michele… I truly believe that the recent decision by the US Supreme court on the legalization of gay marriages gives us hope. We advance, and in part it is because of the work we are doing with Humanity’s Team and Evolution Revolution… Thank you <3

    • Thank you, Nannette. With all the horror in the world, it gives me great hope to see good news that respects and honors people and their freedom. I’m so happy to be part of Humanity’s Team and Evolution Revolution. The energy of the people in these groups is truly affirming of the fact that with enlightened thinking, unity, respect, and understanding, we can do anything.

  • jacquiegum says:

    I love the idea of this Michele. While the destination may share commonality, I fear the path to reach it will always be subject to much debate. And it’s the anger of that debate which creates the widest chasms. I totally agree…it’s a spiritual problem and I applaud the effort here to help remedy that by promoting inclusiveness.

  • Phoenicia says:

    There will only ever be trinkets of peace on this earth. People will continue to fight for what they believe in. It will only get worse.

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