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Create a Life of Golden Memories by Michele Harvey

“Without helping others, life has no meaning. It’s how we lose ourselves. It’s how we find ourselves.” Michele Harvey

A few weeks before the New Year, many of us begin to look ahead with hope and fresh intentions. Some folks also look back, remembering with gratitude, relationships and events, or ruminate over unresolved loss from a state of nagging despair.

For the past month, I participated in a series of teleseminars, and have made the decision to become a Spiritual Life Coach in 2014. You see, I have been meditating for quite some time now, on something my spiritual teacher, Neale Donald Walsch, said to me on 3 separate occasions over the past 2 years. “Michele,” he said. “Your life is not about you. Your life is about everyone else whose life you touch, and the way in which you touch it.”

Each time I heard those words, I felt as if I was staring into the hollow of a shoe several sizes too big for petite feet. Nonetheless, I decided to focus my intention on growing into a larger version of myself, and with this intention, have drawn just the right program of study into my life.

In my book, From Confusion To Clarity, I discuss how life for me fell apart in 2011, with the death of my first born son, as well as the loss of another relationship, which evolved and changed form, contrary to my conscious desire. It was during this time of suffering, that I learned from my teacher, “The quickest way to experience having something, is to give it away to someone else.” For example, if you want more love in your life, give love to others. If you want more money, give money to others who seem to need it more than you. If you need more patience, give patience to someone else who requires it.”

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, this exercise does work. For by giving those things freely to others, without expectation of anything in return, you start to see that you have the very things you thought were lacking. I, as well as countless others, are now having this experience. In fact, by helping others, we step outside the victim mentality of rumination, and instead create space where actual miracles can occur. What we give to others, always comes back to us C2C3dbookmultiplied, sometimes,from some highly unexpected sources, and not necessarily from those we have served. My book gives countless examples of this, and you can easily apply it. Create a year of golden memories rather than rumination and regret. This is my fervent wish for everyone. Happy New Year!

From Confusion To Clarity: Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less is available @,,, etc.

21 Responses to Create a Life of Golden Memories by Michele Harvey

  • My brother recommended this site from a post he read the other day. I’m glad he did! Thanks!

  • Becc says:

    I love the title of the book – it really calls to me.
    Good luck with the Spiritual Life Coaching, I believe you will do very well 🙂

  • I think the darker flip side of your experience is, “Karma is a bitch”, a corollary of “What goes around comes around”. I’m probably more than a little cynical (could it have been caused by practicing law for 30 years?), but I admire you for taking the training to be a Spiritual Life Coach.

  • This is very powerful! I do agree you have to give more of what you want to receive. To find your purpose after something so tragic is a blessing. I can’t imagine losing a child and I know it still must be hard but I think you have tapped into something so special. Giving of yourself to others there is no gift like it. I wish you much success and I’m adding your book to my reading list!

    • Thank you so much for your for your warm and understanding comment Niekka. I am looking forward to my new course of study and would be happy to send you a signed copy of my book should you decide to order it directly from my website @ when the time is right for you. Wishing you and your family all the best in the New Year.

  • You are a survivor having been through losing a child. My heart goes out to you. The very best of success to you as you move into another career venture. I love the reminder about giving unconditionally; this is the perfect time of year to do this. Merry Christmas Michele.

  • I wish you much success in your spiritual coaching! I think most folks believe what we give we get back. I think where they miss the boat and become cynical is when they don’t recognize WHAT they are getting back! In other words, they expect to win the lottery or see evidence of concrete return. What if the reward is great health, or a simple act of kindness from a stranger?

  • CJ says:

    “I felt as if I was staring into the hollow of a shoe several sizes too big for petite feet”

    My biggest resolution for the coming year is to take more ownership of my strengths and accomplishments. To put my name to the things I’ve done and be more gracious and accepting of both thanks and praise from others.

    I’ve been the worst person in the world for shrugging off compliments and ducking under any praise that comes my way. ‘oh of course you would say that, you’re such a nice person’, ‘no, no it was nothing, really’. I’ve come to realize that it’s not only detrimental to my self esteem, it also seriously limits my ability to offer my help to people who might be able to use it, and it’s wildly disrespectful to people who are paying me the compliment. I’ve effectively been behaving as if they don’t know what they’re talking about, which is terrible and of course completely not true!

    • Learning self-love is a big part of the journey for a great many of us. To be able to accept a compliment or praise, by allowing it to quietly seep into our awareness, without trying to deny or shut it down, it is necessary to love and accept oneself, to believe you deserve it, because you do. Learning to love and accept oneself involves turning down the volume on our inner critic. The voice that says things like, “I’ve been the worst person and wildly disrespectful,” for example. Seeing ourselves is one thing, but getting trapped again by our inner critic when we don’t like what we see, is something else. I think what you’ve realized and taken ownership of here is very big and I applaud you for it, CJ. Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

  • Mark Brody says:

    You are so spot on! I have found the times that I have given more, I have received more, and thus, I wanted to do even more than before. If a person is not in the mindset that their choices are not about them, then they are truly limiting their potential!

    Thank you for sharing this great post!!

  • Susan Cooper says:

    I think that’s awesome Michele. I know that you will do very well in your new venture. You are so right. We do get back what we are willing to give. In fact we usually get back far more then we expect. It’s a special gift for sending out good karma to the universe, don’t you think?

  • It is terrific : “Your life is not about you. Your life is about everyone else whose life you touch, and the way in which you touch it.”. Thank you and happy New Year!

  • Catarina says:

    Wish you the best of luck as a Spiritual Life Coach. What goes round comes round. For some reason that’s how the universe works.

  • Pat Amsden says:

    It’s so true that what you give out comes back to you. Reading the title of this post I thought it would be one on putting together a scrapbook or memoir type thing of a person’s life. But when you think about it, it’s two sides of the same coin. You’re talking about creating experiences through your life. These are usually what you want to capture in pictures or story.

    I wish you huge success in your new endeavour. Spirit coach sounds like an amazing thing to do.

    • Funny how our thought process is so similar Pat. After I posted this blog and then looked back at the title, I almost changed it to a different title because the current title made me think of a scrapbook or memoir type thing but then I didn’t change it because I realized that it still applies to the actual content of the post. Thank you for your good wishes regarding my training to be a spiritual coach. I really can’t wait to be onboard. Wishing You and those you love all the best.

  • Thank you for your good wishes, Jannietta. I am looking forward to the training as well as the path. All the Best to You and Your family in The New Year. Happy Holidays!

  • jannietta says:

    Good luck with your training to be a spiritual life coach. I think this is a wise decision. Best wishes for Christmas and the New year.

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