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The Abundance of Our Oneness by Carolyn Field (Featured Writer)

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“All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.”
―Swami Vivekananda

Everybody knows that lots of little things can make a big thing. One tree can become part of forest, one pebble, a beach, one blade of grass, a park land, one voice, a chorus.
Everything gravitates towards each other. We are coming together if not in physical proximity then in virtual proximity and in growing awareness of each other and of our connection. Just noticing that we are linked will create the wave of awareness that will blazon the Earth.

There is something strangely vulnerable about one small tree standing alone, or one pebble laying on a path, or one blade of grass growing in a crack on the ground or one human creature sleeping in a doorway. Something strangely vulnerable, yet also hopeful because there is always hope.

We are not meant to be alone. So if one tree can make a forest, what can one forest make? If one pebble can make a beach, what can one beach make? A forest, a beach, a park land, a chorus, all of these and many more collectives create awareness of the abundance that surrounds us. Where there is abundance, there is positive energy sparking and fizzing, and where there is an abundance of sparking, fizzing positive energy there is the probability of divine transformation. Like an interaction between chemicals that creates something staggering.

So too, our awareness of Oneness. Just as we notice that we are linked to one another, we will come to realise that we are linked to everything and that everything is linked to us. What a breathtaking awareness that is. You and I are One with each other, with the Universe and with Divinity. The awareness of our Oneness shall bring opportunities for a new higher nature to be possible which will in turn activate a powerful metamorphosis bringing peace, joy, satisfaction and all encompassing love.

You Are Love

Each moment is the breeze
on a rippling green sea.
Absent are expectations,
I have no illusion of need.
When you see, without you,
nothing can be perceived,
your true abundance is clear.
You are love. You are loved.

(Poetry For Living An Inspired Life: Poems as Spiritual Meditation, page 19)
Copyright © 2013 &beyond by Michele Harvey – all rights reserved

16 Responses to The Abundance of Our Oneness by Carolyn Field (Featured Writer)

  • carolyn field says:

    Thank you for your comment Michele, I agree and also feel that we are all One. I know I find it difficult to always feel or remember that – it is something I am meditating on!
    Thank you Ana Marie, aligning ourselves to similar goals that create all of those things we all want, is undoubtedly the way even when it seems we will never manage it, we are just ironing out the wrinkles aren’t we?.

  • carolyn field says:

    Thank you for bringing up an interesting point Oskana. We see ourselves from the inside and little of the outside, others see us from the outside and little of the inside. Are these views different? Should they be? Maybe when both views are synchronised we really will be able to love ourselves and all else, and be loved in return.

  • Ana Marie Autar says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post. It serves as a reminder of what can be achieved by all of us joining our individual energies! In order to bring about a sane world we just need to align ourselves and move towards similar goals-attained by values that create happiness, peace and fulfilment.

  • Personally I think it is different love, because, we can’t even see ourselves from a distance, we don’t have the whole image of us, only from inside, we don’t know what our faces look like ( only from pics or mirror, but it is not the same ), we can only see some of our bits. But the rest of the world we can see like a complete
    picture. So, how we can love ourselves and the rest of the wold with the same love?

    • What you say is true Oksana. We don’t see ourselves the way others do. Still, I think it will be the same love based on mutual understanding of what truly is, namely:
      We have one planet to call our home. We all have the same basic needs (clean water, shelter, clothing, food, education), we have all be damaged in some way by misled people who taught us the best they could, or by circumstances and events we have experienced. Every soul (assuming you agree that we each have a soul), has its own agenda, but ultimately, that agenda is to experience itself in the largest sense possible as love, purposefulness, joy, etc. etc. Religions talk about forgiveness but my teacher, Neale Donald Walsch discusses foregoing forgiveness in lieu of understanding. The understanding is that we are all doing the best we can at any given moment, even if it doesn’t seem that way to others. In addition, there is always something to be learned from every encounter, not just the favorable ones. It can all be summed up in four words. WE ARE ALL ONE. I believe if we understand and accept this, we will experience a more sustainable global reality, (which is dependent upon each individual’s beliefs, perspectives, thoughts, behavior…) As more people look inside themselves through meditation etc, I believe this shift is already occurring, even though it doesn’t always seem that way, and that it’s based on the mutual love that comes from giving and receiving with kindness, awareness, and integrity, and a truer understanding of the purpose of life.

  • carolyn field says:

    Is loving yourself and loving another the same kind of love do you think?

  • It is just amazing! Just yesterday we discussed with my friends about the ‘Butterfly effect” and oneness ! Maybe we think we are alone here, but we are not, we live in a huge system where everything reflects on everything else, any movement like a butterfly lifting its wings, no matter what time , no matter what place.

  • Arleen says:

    What a beautiful post. Reality we enter this life alone and we leave it alone. But that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. So you must start out loving yourself to understand how to love another.

  • carolyn field says:

    Ranting is allowed, please don’t worry! My feeling is that destructive competitiveness where an individual feels separate from fellow human beings, boils down to the fear of somehow being left behind, left without, or not being good enough, all of which can be very stressful. The good thing I feel, is that as more and more of us find this approach unacceptable, the growing tide of popular opinion will eventually heal the disconnection. .

  • TheGirl says:

    Honestly, if people saw each other more as human beings and less as…I don’t know, tools. We would have less wars and conflicts, less trying to ride on someone’s back.

    Because people will realize that their actions have a consequence which can disturb the natural balance. But no, folks like Ayn Rand encourage selfishness and disconnection from “the beach” or “forest”.

    Sorry if this sounds like a rant.

  • carolyn field says:

    Thank you all for your kind and insightful comments. I wonder if we can arrive at loving ourselves through the action of loving another – would that bring out the best in us and serve to highlight to ourselves our best qualities? Perhaps that is the best way to love ourselves, beginning by loving others (pets included!).

  • Wonderful post. The idea of oneness is reflected formally in Systems Thinking, an idea that grew out of an engineering mindset but that has expanded to encompass understanding of how organizations, communities and the environment are all interconnected and reliant on one another. I think it is a beautiful and comforting way of seeing and engaging our world. If we think we are silos or islands then we can’t see the consequences of our actions. If you understand that you are part of a collective, then there is no scarcity and so no reason to hoard good things or good feelings.

  • Jeri says:

    Thanks for the reminder of something that gets hard to keep tabs on when in the midst of doing freelance work from home 😉

  • Susan Cooper says:

    What a beautiful post. I whole heartily agree with Jacqueline. You must love yourself before you can love another. 🙂

  • You can’t be good for anybody, until you are good for yourself. Finding self-esteem can be a long and painful journey. Yet there is no greater reward! Great post and thanks for sharing it.

    • It is true that Oneness is realized only through love and that you have to love yourself before you can show up authentically for others. It is also true that helping others without expectation may seem risky, yet it is ultimately the way to self love. Thanks for your comment Jacquie.

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