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RESISTANCE, WHY IT DOESN’T GO AWAY, by Jannietta Robinson – Featured Author

There is safety
in the sameness of days spent
in the familiar grave of earth: yet still
the silent seed senses
there is life elsewhere

Sometimes it comes as a stirring
an unknown warmth
a scent new and fresh
and the earth is moved to speak
of miraculous things….
From Awakening: Copyright 2013 Janet Robinson

We are strange and peculiar beings built with an inner desire to grow. No matter who we are or where we are: no matter what we have or haven’t achieved so far the human being is programmed to reach for growth. Psychologists call this programming the organismic valuing system – our inner tendency to move towards an experience of the highest, truest, most beautiful expression of who we are.

It seems that we are born to experience greatness.

And yet there is within us something that resists this growth.

There is within us a place of inner darkness; a place that cannot see or feel or vision our true potential. I’ve heard this place of darkness referred to as the ‘the innate predator’ of our souls. It is our inbuilt tendency to resist our personal unfolding and it works in direct opposition to our organismic valuing system.

The innate predator works with our unconscious minds to create obstacles to our growth. Often we remain unaware of it until such a time that we begin to actively seek our own growth. Then we can find that when we make a decision to do something to enable that growth we end up discovering 101 reasons why we shouldn’t commit to our desired course of action!

Here’s an example from my own life.

I made the commitment to write this blog. It’s something I want to do. I believe its part of my journey towards finding and using my voice and yet despite this conviction I find myself procrastinating. I sit down at the computer and do almost anything but write the blog: e-mails, Facebook, my website, other people’s sites – all these pull me away from the task in hand!

Why is this? Why despite our best intentions do we seem to sabotage our own efforts to improve and grow into the fullness of who we are?

It may be helpful to return to the opening lines of poetry and the analogy of ourselves as a seed. A seed has the potential to become something beautiful but in order for this to happen the seed must be planted in soil. The soil is dark, heavy and damp and it bears down on the seed, covering it and almost suffocating it YET the seed does not resist the soils darkness it works with it. The seed knows that the soil provides the exact, fertile ground needed for it to grow. All the seed needs to do is to lean into this heaviness in order to find its way through the darkness towards the light.

And the same is true for us.

We, like seeds, are programmed for greatness BUT in order to achieve that greatness we must learn to navigate our own inner darkness. This means that when we feel resistance we should embrace it and use it as a vehicle (a tool or map) to help us find our way to the light of our own greatness.

Wherever you are right now, whatever you are experiencing you can be sure that you are receiving the exact right conditions needed for you to fulfill your greatest potential here on earth.

Life is always bringing us opportunities to grow and develop; to remember our wholeness as tri part beings; mind, body and soul. Yet when we resist Life’s offerings we sabotage our ability to grow.

Resistance hardens us; it breeds stress and tension which create a barrier that only serves to strengthen our resistance.

When we find ourselves in resistance it can be wise to ask ourselves which aspect of Life (of the Whole, the Divine), are we not allowing ourselves to experience?

Much of my own life has been spent in resistance. We have already identified procrastination as one way that resistance shows up but perhaps some of the following will be familiar with you too?

•Resisting the present moment by daydreaming about the past and/or dwelling on anxieties about the future

•Resisting your body’s signals for rest and pushing on regardless.

•Resisting feeling the full extent of your emotions – especially the ones you perceive to be negative

•Being reluctant to express an opinion

•Avoiding saying “Yes” to something you really want to do because you fear failure


Resistance comes from the small self who does not have the ability to vision life beyond itself. The small self fears it will be lost in the process of growth and so it is in its interest to stay small and resist the growth process.

So how do we begin to change all this?

How do we begin to let our resistance work for us as opposed to against us?

The key is awareness.

We begin by identifying areas of resistance in our lives and asking ourselves, “What does this resistance feel like? What does it look like? Does it have a shape or colour or sound?”

Getting a picture in our minds eye can be helpful especially if we compare it to a picture of what we perceive our growth would look like.

Here are two images I play with.

The first is the seed lying dormant in the soil (resistance) compared with the picture of a full blossoming rose (growth).

The second is a sailing ship, masts down, anchored in the harbour (resistance) compared with a ship at sea, in full sail enjoying the freedom of the ocean (growth).

There is of course nothing WRONG with living life as a seed or an anchored ship. The choice is always ours. There may be good reasons why we want to remain in resistance at the moment BUT if we desire growth then we must choose, at some point to at least set sail!

We move from resistance to growth by taking small, manageable steps; by feeling the resistance and moving slowly but surely in that direction until it begins to soften. Hence I begin to write this blog despite insecurity, doubt and the anxiety that it may not be well received by its readers!

So what is it that you are resisting right now?

My advice is to move slowly, gently and deliberately towards it. Stay open and curious about your resistance. Keep your pictures in mind; the small self and the larger self. Know that the Divine wants you to grow and achieve your potential.

We are all partakers in the great adventure of life – there is little fun or enjoyment in playing small. I know, I’ve done it most of my life. But no longer!

So feel and see yourself reaching your full potential and hang onto that feeling – it is your birthright; you were born to feel that way.

You are not small, weak, and insignificant. You are not meant to be overlooked. You are meant to be noticed, to wave your beauty at the world, to celebrate your life.

Resistance is here to help you. It is your guide. Give thanks for it; embrace it; then go out and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

“Jannietta is a poet who loves the power of words to heal and transform lives. After facing a series of losses in her life she now embraces with joy the process of re-discovering her true self and celebrating the wonder of being alive. She is author of Barefoot on Green Grass, a collection of poetry that explores love, loss and relationship and Wild Swans Flying a book of contemplative poems on love, life and landscape. You can find our more about her by visiting at or by following her on Facebook ”


(the book) by Michele Harvey



Though we are never alone
It sometimes feels that way.
From the simmering stirs
Of early summer,
To deer that hide within the mist,
Life is a constant wanderer.
Everything one day drifts away.
So I’m crafting myself
A seaworthy sail,
Inviting the moment to take me,
Surrendering anchor,
Grateful for the birth of the new day.

7 Responses to RESISTANCE, WHY IT DOESN’T GO AWAY, by Jannietta Robinson – Featured Author

  • Jannietta says:

    Johnny I love what you say about reaching out and accepting the help and nurture that others come to give us. Sometimes it is easier to give than to receive. A timely reminder. Thank you.

  • This is a great post. Often times, we want to move forward, and reach that seemingly elusive goal, God has placed before us. For some reason or other, we resist. We should use that resistance makeup,as a means of achieving, by resisting that force that would cause us to slink back into the shadows, and forgo the greatness that awaits us.
    When a seed is planted, we nurture it, and its response allows it to grow, and reach its potential. We should emulate these seeds. When some one waters and nurtures us as well, we should reach out, accept the nutrients, and go for the gold. Good read. Blessings

  • How interesting you each have a seed metaphor – one in Jannietta’s poem and one in your thoughts about it Michele. I remember hearing Zig Ziglar speak in person, several times, and often spelling out what FEAR means, false evidence appearing real. That translation has helped me more times than I bet I can count.

    Thanks for both the lovely poem and the deep insights from it.

    Over from LinkedIn Group BHB

    • Jannietta says:

      Thanks Patricia for you comments on this blog – yes I too have heard FEAR spelled out that way…and it is true that often our fears are not based on a true reality. Knowing this can be helpful as we bravely step forward…..

  • Jannietta says:

    Thank you Susan for your comment and Michele for reminding me of that lovely poem by David Whyte. Sometimes our resistance and our fear can seem so LARGE yet every mountain is climbed step by step by step.

  • Susan Cooper says:

    I love the advice of moving slowly, gently, and deliberately toward it. Resistance is something that can paralyze many people. Beautiful post. 🙂

    • I completely agree with you Susan. In fact Jannietta Robinson’s post is reminiscent of this poem by David Whyte.
      Start close in,
      don’t take
      the second step
      or the third,
      start with the first
      … thing
      close in,
      the step
      you don’t want to take.”
      – David Whyte

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