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It Can Happen Through You

Art: Stephanie Clair

A few years ago, I gave what for me was a large sum of money to someone I cared for, in order to help him broaden his possibilities. Because my gift was given freely, I too have since received a great many unsought gifts of every kind from the universe, in the form of people, circumstances and events, that have seemingly just appeared in my life like angels in the nick of time. That said, the greatest gift of all has been my awareness of, and gratitude for these gifts. You see, in the past I may have taken the many souls behind these gifts for granted. This is not so today.

It has been brought to my attention that most of you don’t know me. I have a past, some of which I am not proud of, and some of which I am. Two years ago I lost two people I loved, and like losing two pillars of a house, my house crumbled, and my life fell apart. I didn’t think I would make it through, no less be sharing this with all of you but there are no accidents.

During my suffering, I received notice of an online course being offered by Neale Donald Walsch, which to me was like receiving life support. In the span of that seven week course, his teachings brought me home to my soul. I went from believing my life had no meaning, to physically knowing the presence of God and actually having a two-way dialogue with the Divine.

I am just an ordinary person, (if such a thing can be said of anyone), who seems to have experienced a shift in consciousness, with the magnitude of an earthquake, and in just as short a period of time. Even though in the past I have managed to hurt many people who loved and cared for me, I have still received these gifts! This is how I know without doubt, if it can happen through me, it can happen through anyone. This is also why I wrote the book, From Confusion to Clarity: Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less, which contains user-friendly, and engaging activities to help you shift, just as the title suggests.

In addition to revealing parts of my life, the book offers spiritual insights from Neale Donald Walsch and other leaders of the New Thought movement. My book is meant as no replacement, but rather to show that if I can begin to awaken to a world of oneness, if I can choose how I show up each day from this day forward, even with a past I cannot change, so can you. My book is meant to show you that, when applied on a daily basis, the precepts of my teacher, and many of the others discussed in the book, can enable you to find fuller meaning in your life. Regardless of your situation, you will be empowered and of greater service to others, and to yourself, by showing up more authentically, and more joyfully in our troubled world.



3 Responses to It Can Happen Through You

  • Suzanne Addicott says:

    That was a great post Michelle,
    Congratulations, writing your book and getting published,and out in the world.
    What a marvelous achievement by a marvelous woman. My vision for that book is that it will continue to touch many lives for and be a compress to guide the way home for a great number of our fellow travelers .
    Love always, Suzanne Addicott. (Purpose 11:11)

  • Thanks for this wonderful post. It speaks of a wonderful change and I was able to extract so much from your book to help me on my own path.

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