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Personal Growth to Feel Positive Each Day – by Michele Harvey

There has always been a strong focus on personal growth and development. The biggest shift in contemporary thought deals with how your personal growth and development affects not only you and those around you, but how it can also extend to others on the other side of the world.  Your feelings and thoughts influence what you do, how you respond every day, and how others respond to you.

“You may feel as though you are small.  You may feel that only one person can’t do much to change things, but feeling are things that we choose.  We can say and be the truth that matters to us.  I have learned that you don’t let go of your thoughts. Your thoughts let go of you.” – From Confusion to Clarity by Michele Harvey.

Perhaps events that are outside your control cause you to lose your cool or perhaps your mood is affected by your own negative thoughts and you find it difficult to maintain a positive frame of mind.  Here are a few easy ways in which you can prevent negativity from affecting your mood so you feel better and can maintain a positive outlook:

  • Make and Refer to a Collection of Inspiring Quotations or Poems – Every time you come across some inspiring words, write them down in a notebook and read through them regularly, especially when you feel discouraged. They will help you to maintain a positive attitude and to carry on in difficult circumstances.
  • Listen to Some Inspiring Music – Soothing or upbeat, happy music can elevate your mood very quickly.  Give yourself a chance to listen to something different, something that makes you want to move your body and you will soon begin to feel much better.

For more ways to shift your life into a better place, we suggest you follow the advice of Michele Harvey. In her new book, From Confusion to Clarity, Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less, she offers a set of simple yet highly effective practices that can shift your way of showing up in the world. To find out more about this exciting new book, go to

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