Certified Life Transition Coach, Nutritionist, Author


Do you know how many adults in mid-life are facing life transitions and they are struggling, they are unfulfilled, they are unhappy with their relationships, their career, and their eating habits which are unbalanced? I am a life transition coach and a nutritionist, with 20 years of experience as a registered dietitian. I help my clients make the changes they want, reduce stress immediately, and live their lives in a way that joyfully aligns them with their true life purpose. 

Michele Harvey is a certified life coach, nutritionist, author, and published poet on a mission to promote positive change in people’s lives, and to help people return to or remember their own essence, to help them realize their unlimited potential, regardless of external circumstances, people and events.

Michele’s coaching offers excellent value to men and women around the world who seek to joyfully create the career, relationships, and healthy lifestyle that fulfills their true life purpose. Michele partners with her clients, helping them to deepen the use of their own intuition, to overcome blocks, and to find, fuel, and fulfill the life of their dreams. Michele earned a university degree in dietetics and nutrition and has 20 years experience in the nutrition field.

Author, Michele Harvey

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